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  • panic_attack
    Haha AOT 1/10
  • Idk how to work this
  • mafar
    hi single mom..i respect every word you said...im a fan of you...i was raised by a single mom as well and i know the feelings
  • I miss her sobra...
  • Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source . It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illneas and wounds. It dies of weariness...of Witherings...of tarnishings. #AnaisNin
  • phogs
    Your so beautiful you look like Liza Soberano
  • Waaa ung hnd payag ung boss mo na isama ko sa inventory ! Ayun encorder nlng dw aq hahaha waiting....
  • Morning .. huhu inventory pinaka ayaw q gwin huhu hahaha
  • 7:19AM
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  • mafar
    hi wafa..pwed ko muapil
  • "In our own case we accept excuses too easily; in other people's, we do not accept them easily enough."

    -CS Lewis (The Weight of Glory)
    August 29
  • ogtrigun
    anu yan may monthly bill
    August 29
  • For Sale Bm622i connected 2-3 mbps unlinet!! pm nlng sa info!!!
    August 29
  • princzvirgel
  • One thing i've learned about life..
    You can be important to someone, but not all the time
    August 29
  • good afternoo!
    August 29
  • happy! noon...
    Watching showtime....

    August 29
  • Happy lunch ^_^
    August 29
  • Happy saturday guys luto muna Lunch ;D
    August 29
  • When i fall in love, it will be forever... :)
    August 29
  • bitin attak of titan...
    sayang salafi...
    August 29
    • admin
      panget story layo as manga
  • textmate po na globe users 14-19 yrs old txt nyu po to :) 09155809937
    boys daw yan na pogi...
    August 29
  • good morning!
    August 29
  • ianjohn
    bisdak ka te ?
    August 29
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    August 29
  • chill lang..
    August 28
  • Macoii
    panu ga yan? hahahaha
    August 28