this thread is all about pregnancy...


1. How To Determine That You Are A Month Pregnant?
--through signs of pregnancy

2. What are the 1st signs that you are a month pregnant?
--The first sign to be observed if you are a month pregnant is missed menstrual period.

3. Missed period means that I am pregnant?
--However, absence of menstrual periods on time doesn’t always signify pregnancy rather it can occur due to stress or rapid weight gain or ill health.

4.What is pregnancy spotting?
--Pregnancy spotting caused by embryo implantation is another indication to observe if you are pregnant, as it sometimes misleads you as menstrual period although you are 4 weeks pregnant. Remember that spotting (bleeding) during pregnancy will be very light than normal bleeding.

5. What is morning sickness?
--The morning sickness is also known as nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (NAV). This kind of sign develops at any time of the day.

6. what is hyper emesis gravidarum?
-- excessive vomiting when you are pregnant

7. Is frequent urination natural when you are pregnant?
--One more common indication of being month pregnant is frequent urination. Your body develops this sign only when the uterus places pressure on the bladder.

8. What is the meaning of increase in basal temperature?
--The body signs you about this symptom before your missed menstrual period when the basal body temperature increases at the time of ovulation. Remember that the increase in basal body temperature even after ovulation process is a very early pregnancy symptom.

9. Why do I started to taste food differently?
--Sudden change in taste is also an indication of being month pregnant. It is a sign of pregnancy when you start feeling aversion towards your favorite foods or feel sick immediately after having your favorite meal.

10. Why do I feel sudden dizziness and fatigue?
--Dizziness is another indication of pregnancy in the early stages. Your body develops this sign when the uterus swells and compresses the arteries where the pressure of the blood decreases and causes dizziness.
It also develops due to decreased blood sugar levels through irregular eating patterns.
The other common symptoms that appear when being month pregnant are fatigue and exhaustion, which develops due to hormonal changes in the body.

11. What is the best thing to know if you are pregnant or not?
--take a pregnancy test

12. Why do I have this different sense of smell?
--bad odors tend to become overcoming and unbearable and subtle smells, otherwise hard to notice become immensely stronger when you are pregnant.

13. Why do I have this increase in l discharge?
--Increased l discharge. This is one of the early signs of being pregnant if it is not accompanied by soreness and itchiness. Sometimes, you may experience a white, somewhat milky discharge on your underwear as the number of cells lining your l wall increases. This is perfectly natural and may last throughout your pregnancy.

14. what are some tips on trying to get pregnant?
--Get a healthy body weight. body of overweight women also produces a hormone that disrupts the ovulation process. On the other hand, if you are underweight, your body may not be able to produce enough hormones to ovulate each month.
--Eating habits. When thinking about the getting pregnant tips you should remember that having the right foods can boost your chances of getting pregnant. Make sure that you have enough zinc, iron, protein and vitamin C in your diet.
--stop smoking
--depression and stress decrease the chances of getting pregnant.
--keep in mind that drinking isn’t good before pregnancy either.



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