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How To Tell If A Guy Likes You

edited September 2012 in Articles & Insights

7 Signs That He’s So Into You

They say actions speak louder than words, do you believe in it? If you are going to ask me, well, yes, I believe in it. Because words are not enough to exemplify the true feelings of a person, but it is actions that can most exemplify the feelings and intentions of a person than what’s being said.

About 90% of communication is non-verbal communication. So, when it comes to tell if a guy really likes you, you can tell it through his actions. However, a guy can tell you straightly if he likes you, he can ask you for a date, and he can even have conversations with you, but still, that do not entail all.

Some women can easily comprehend if guys like them, but there are also women who are experiencing a hard time in figuring this thing. If you are one of these women who experienced difficulties, below are seven signs to help you in figuring if he likes you:
1. You can tell, if he’s making an eye contact with you
Eye contact is the most effective form of body language since it is the most profound movement that a human being can do so. However, this may vary to what type of guy he is. If he is the shy type, there is a tendency that he seldom looks at you while you are speaking, and when you turn to look at him, he will look away quickly.  But that does not mean he’s not interested and sincere to you, I think you can help him by initiating a move.  On the other hand, if he is confident, he would catch your attention through eye contact and he often looks at you a lot, and that clearly shows his interest in you.
2. You can tell it through his body language
Aside from eye contact, there are many forms of body language. Try to observe his body language because he used it to express his feelings for you. For example, if he leans towards you while you are talking; if he keeps on smiling at you; and if he puts his arm around you. You must also observe if he treats you in another way than the other girls. If he treats you differently, he likes you. But if he treats you the same as what he treats other girls, then, there could be a problem.
3. You can tell, if he also likes what you like
If he finds out your interest, he will take it as an opportunity to show to you that it interests him as well. For example, you like a certain food that he also likes, and then he comes to introduce a certain restaurant for you to try that food. You can also tell if you’ve got an interest that he’s not familiar of, and then he tells you that it also interests him as well, and that shows he likes you.
4. You can tell, if you get lots of good compliments from him
Everybody wants to receive good compliments, especially, women. A compliment can be direct or indirect, so if he cares to give you compliments everyday, then he likes you. For example, “I love your smile,” “I love your outfit,” “you always makes me laugh,” or “You’re getting prettier everyday.” Try to observe if he gives a more specific compliment than the common one like, “I like your necklace, it matches your eyes.”
5. You can tell, if he has manners
A woman is more impressed, if a guy is a gentleman, polite, and sweet. This clearly shows that he values you and he respects you. For example, he opens the door for you; he guides you and holds you when crossing the street; he serves the food for you; or he offers to send you home.
6. You can tell, if he asks you on a date
If he did this, then he wants to know you more and he wants to be with you, so it clearly shows his interested in you.
7. You can tell, if he pays attention to details
If you are talking, he would always care to listen. He would mostly entertain you through jokes.  If you have past conversations, he can still recall it and he tries to bring that again to let you know that he still remember it.

A genuine meaning of love does not need to be always impressive. The seven signs above are just certain indications that would enable you to determine if a guy really likes you. However, it’s still you, who will decide in the end, so make sure to say “yes” to the right guy.

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