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How To Tell If Someone is Lying To You

edited September 2012 in Articles & Insights
Do you know how to detect lies?
Here are few signs to know whether you are already getting an unqualified truth.

Lies start from covering little mistakes and avoiding one’s self to be ashamed, humiliated and most often, punished. But lies also have its own biological evolution the same with different species. It also becomes a nation- destroyer at times, maybe not at times instead at all times. But still, truth has its own way to overcome lies, which particularly shows that still most of the people are specifically honest. Probably, it is more comfy to live in a stable society without worries about lies around you. But every now and then, we would have this kind of suspicion that still not all people are perfectly honest with every little thing they say.

Surely every one of us would always say yes whenever asked to know how to catch liars on act. In fact, this article contains great tips, and you can even find even more information in Bust Liars: Become a Human Lie Detector, a know-all book about picking up on those distinctive hints liars can’t hide.

What do you think are the ways to know if you’re being lied to? Before we proceed to the major topic, we have to ask two important questions.

First, ‘Do you really want to know?’ Some people chose to blind themselves and live with lies for they think the truth might be more painful as lie is.

On the other hand, some people would show a do-or-die atude just to consider the truth as a lie, that they are seeing signs of untruthfulness even there is none.Of course, if you want to discover a lie, you must consider your personal involvement on the subject. Whether your solely involved or not in this possible lie.

Second, ‘What is the main purpose of lying?’ What could be the possible reason why this person lied to you?  It may be because he is afraid of punishment, or with this lie, he would be able to succeed with his plans to get something from you (for instance, your business), or, perhaps he is afraid that when the truth is uncovered, you would lose your trust on him or her.

In order for you to be precise in discovering a lie, you must consider the reason why did this person lie to you; also you must take heed on your opposite reaction to what he did if you knew the truth.

A great example of this is when a child is trying to cover his or her mistake from his or her parents to avoid punishment. But still, parents have the right to know what the truth is.

If you are really eager to know what the truth is, let’s start our lesson with a touch of science.
1. People who are telling the truth talks normally and with confidence.
 Notice if their every conversational habit is normal, from their eyes, up to the hand and body movements. You must put in your mind that a person who lies would act unpleasantly or would show unnecessary body gestures.
2. You should also focus on how stress influences his movements and body reactions.
 It may be difficult to distinguish whether this person is just under stress due to pressure of questions or due to difficult construction of words for lying. But still, humans are recognizable when their under a situation of distorting the truth, it may be hard to spot, still, there would come a sign that would significantly hint a lie.
3. Look for signs.
Here is a list of common signs that a person is attempting to utter a lie. Note that most of this signs could be seen while a person is under stress by the conversation.

• Some people are seemingly stiff while being asked by the other person. He or she cannot look directly to other person’s eye. He or she would exhibit extra movement while blurting out a lie. On the other hand, some people would act in an exaggerated manner.

• People who cannot look directly at other person’s eye for a long period of time particularly shows that he or she is saying a lie. We all know that sincerity is shown through eye contact. But also, some people would try to maintain an eye contact in a fierce manner, which is far normal.

• Also, you must consider stress gestures which normally includes rapid blinking, scratching, itching, swallowing, fidgeting among others. This only shows that they are already nervous of what comes next if they would be discovered.

• When a person looks to the right, this only means that he or she is constructing a story which is product of stimulation of the brain ociated with imagination. While when most of the time he is looking up and to the left, it only shows that the brain ociated with recalling memories is stimulating.

• Gestures such as covering the face or mouth and touching the nose are defense mechanism from our childhood which only shows that you are trying to cover up something.

• People who are lying tend to raise their voice while speaking to another person. This is noticeable if you are familiar with his or her normal speaking voice.

• People who lie would exhibit an innocent look just to take your accusation against him or her.

• A noticeable pause every time is a sign of lying. It seems that he or she is having a hard time to recall something, but in fact it is easy to recall actual events.
4. Lying at times is not verbal.
 By just stopping in speaking, other person’s mind would be filled with untruthful statements. An example of which is when a person stops talking in a truthful manner and then he falls silent and immediately looks away, covering his mouth and fidgeting. This act would immediately make other people conclude in a different way.
5.  A risky way to know someone is lying is to ask directly if he or she is.
 This may offend others who are telling the truth. But sometimes, a liar would act the same way for he or she thinks it is better to continue lying than admitting he or she did lie.
6. Trust your instinct!
We may not notice it, but we ourselves can actually feel what the truth is. But, by trusting our instinct, we must disregard our desire, for our desire would distort our real instinct. Particularly, when we believe that we are being lied to, even though the other person is innocent. We would not come up with the truth unless let it come instinctively.

By using these steps, you would be able to determine the difference between a lie and truth in a greater extent. Even though we haven’t defined what truth is, still, you would know whether the feeling of being lied to is accurate or not.

Good luck!
Before you proceed to the lying test, you must be aware of the following:
• Do not look for lies desperately. Because sometimes, there is no lie at all.
• Do not trust all people. It won’t give you a stable society.
• While you’re testing a person whether he or she is lying, he or she may be testing you too.
If you cannot use these steps at a single situation, here are quick steps:
• Look for unusual contact, which are usual for liars.
•  A liar can act as if he or she is not, so be cautious and observant.
• When you are feeling uneasy and unconvinced, ask the person directly.


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