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Nakiki-Gangnam din ang UC Browser! LOL

Pati yung squirrel ng UC Browser sumasayaw din ng gangnam style! hahahaha panoorin niyo para matawa kayo!


  • I wouldn't regard myself particularly susceptible to anger; the few times I've attempted angry reviews here the results were awkwardly comical at best. That said, there exists a phrase that will raise my urge to staple a beehive to someone's face with heedless abandon. I only mention it now because I have probably heard some variance of this phrase more in the last six months than with any other popular culture phenomena. "Every time I hear or see someone excited about Gangam style, I weep for our culture/generation." Sure, it's hyperbole, but there's always a shred of truth to even the most exaggerated expressions.
    We idolize people who throw a ball better than others and shower them with riches. People flock to overcrowded, sweltering speedways with uncomfortable seats and sit for hours to watch cars go around in a circle while paying out the nose for such a privilege. GMA network shows, Crotchety curmudgeons build careers out of being political and societal hate mongers, inspiring legions of followers to do the same through blogs and podcasts, fostering us vs. them mentalities. But truly, we should shed a solemn tear for a silly pop song and the accompanying jocular dance.
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