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How To Get Revenge: Tips for Getting Even

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Is revenge that sweet

Getting even is actually easy. There are just some things that are not worth your energy and time. If you are looking for ways to forgive and forget then there are tons of books and other resources that will help you relax both your mind and body. However if you are itchy to plan your revenge then this will be your best shot! Read on and find out more how to get even! Getting even will take some time. Plan it well or if you want you can ask a friend if you want some great side kick tips from him.
Below are the most incredible ways that will help you plan your revenge in no time.
1. Order awkward mail order products, mature products, and to be sent to his place with use of the “bill me later” feature.
2. Sign up this person to magazines or junk mail lists. Complete every coupon and sweepstakes offer you can find.
3. Sign this person up for email spam. Complete every online form you can find.
4. Look for info on potentially awkward situations, like having herpes or syphilis, to be sent to his place. This will work best if he is living with his partner!
5. A billboard will be useful to announce his misdeeds.
6. Give out this person’s home number and tell them that this person is in deep sadness and such and needs support to your local church so the pastor there will visit him non stop
7. Get in touch with any sales person and schedule a demo appointment on his home.
8. Place ads for free electronics in your local newspaper with his phone number in it.
9. Print out hundreds of flyers inviting everyone for a big free party and post them all over the town and in those nearest colleges.
10. Get in touch an overseas hotline or other pay-per-minute number with the use of his phone, and then leave it off the hook.
11. If you know his social security number, get in touch the power company and have his electricity power shut off.
12. Go with those prank calls to his home at all hours of the day and night using a blocked number.
13. Call his place of work, pretending to be a healthcare specialist. Tell the person who will answer the phone that you need to talk to him at once since he is diagnosed with a contagious infection.
14. Have people call his office repeatedly pretending to be collections agents.
15. If a telemarketer calls, act as if to be very keyed up as regards the offer. Then tell her that you have another call, and leave her on hold until she hangs up.
16. Tell the telemarketer that your (mother/sister/roommate) would like to talk to him. Then, set the phone down, never to return to it.
17. Buy a sack of wildflower seeds and sprinkle them all over your enemy’s newly manicured lawn.
18. Write a message in weed-er on his lawn.
19. Unwrap chocolate bars, melt them into clumps, and float the clumps with toilet paper in his pool.
20. Add bubbles and/or dark food coloring to any swimming pools or fountains on his property.
21. Poison his flower bed.
22. Replace his weed er with fertilizer.
23. Fill water balloons with salt water, and throw them at the yard. Salted water will surely the Bermuda gr only where those balloons will land on.
24. Pour oil under his new car. He'll spend hours trying to figure out where the oil is coming from.
25. Saran wrap his car overnight.
26. Write awkward messages on his car windows with the use of window paint.
27. Set off his car alarm continually in the wee hours of night.
28. Take his parking spot each day.
29. Put in any stinky material (use your imagination) to the car’s air vents or air filter.
30. Block the exhaust pipe with a big potato.
31. While his car is parked during the night, scatter bird seed over it. In the morning his car will be covered in birds, feathers and waste.
32. Take his keys. Lock them in the car, preferably while the engine is running.
33. Stick rude per stickers or those with corny opinions on his per.
34. Call his home from a blocked number in the middle of the night several nights in a row. When he
answers, hang up.
35. Throw eggs or toilet paper on his house.
36. Cut his hair while he sleeps.
37. Write on his face using permanent marker.
38. Place his hand into a pot of warm water, especially if there are people around to see his reaction.
39. Throw a gross creepy-crawly - even just a fake one - onto his face.
40. If a guy, smear his nails hot pink.
41. Shave off one of his eyebrows.
42. With a friend, yank him outside in the middle of the night. Duct tape him to a tree.
43. Place a personals ad with his contact info in your local newspapers and on Craigslist.
44. Voodoo doll with pinsLook will be great. Your ex will realize what an idiot he was for dumping you.
45. Go out and meet new people. Have some group date with that new guy and make sure that your ex sees this.
46. Spread photos. If you have unambiguous photos of him from your relationship, spread them around to your circle of friends.
47. If unfaithfulness is discovered just before a marriage, proclaim it to the gathered bridal guests, and
turn the reception into a festivity instead.
48. Send your ex a guide or other info that proposes he was not very excellent in bed.
49. Send your ex a photo of you looking very contented, maybe with your new partner.
50. Spread gossips that your ex was awful in bed.
51. Tell his new girlfriend about his actions.
52. Have a friend p along the gossip that you’re expecting and don’t know who the father is. Let him sweat it out.
53. If he is getting married, call his caterer, wedding hall, photographer, etc. pretending to be him, and
change the date or cancel the plans. They will typically call back to verify, creating immense bewilderment as the wedding day approaches.
54. Place gelatin down his toilet. In a few days the gelatin will harden.
55. Saran wrap the toilet seat.
56. Empty his shampoo into a bowl, then mix with hair removal cream, and put it back in the bottle.
57. Swish his toothbrush in the toilet. Then, return it to its correct place.
58. Mix glue into his hair gel.
59. Blow flour or other white powder under his door using a hairdryer. This will cover all of his stuffs in the powder.
60. Hide alarm clocks all over his room, set for different times all through the night.
61. Fill the hoods of all of his coats with hole-punch dots. Flour is a further cluttered filling for coat hoods. This also works for co-workers who have a routine of leaving their outerwear by their desks.
62. Using a ladder, raise his bicycle over a lamp post. P the post throughout the hole in the center of the bicycle frame, and then lower it to the ground.
63. Write discomforting messages on his clothes or in his room using blacklight pens. These have a
routine of showing up at the most badly timed.
64. Cut out the bottom ridges of all of his pockets.
65. P along top secrets he's told you.
66. Make him a snack with way too many hot peppers.
67. Hold an unexpected gathering at the house you share with him.
68. Balance a little trash can or pail on top of a slightly opened entrance so that it crashes on him when he opens the door.
69. Set up hundreds of mousetraps on the floor of his room. It’s even better to carry out this if he's in his bunk bed sleeping at the time.
70. Pour salt into his choice of drink in the fridge.
71. Put confetti or glitter on top of his ceiling fan blades.
72. Short sheet his bed.
73. Transfer a bucket of water on the bed. It will stay moist for days.
74. Place newspaper ads offering sales at his place of business.
75. File a Ripoff Report online to alert others to the actions of this business.
76. Contact the Better Business Bureau.
77. Smuggle humorous or random photos into your co-worker’s account or slide presentation.
78. Take away all the cups from the water cooler. Put a little salt into every cup. Then, stack them and put them back in place. Most people will not check their cup before filling it, and will get a good gulp of salt water.
79. Constantly send a fax that is a totally black sheet. This will consume his fax ink in no time.
80. Add a memo to the copier gl with use of a dry-erase marker. Most people don’t look at the gl
before copying their pages.
81. Apply self tanner or shoe polish on his phone receiver.
82. Pull the mouse or keyboard cord out just a little so it no longer works. If he has an optical mouse, just put a piece of tape over the light.
83. Change the screensaver on his computer to something embarring.
84. Paste the wheels on his office chair so they don’t roll.
85. Place small cups of liquid (water, glue, or ink) all over the floor of his worke, making it unworkable to get to his writing table without cleaning it up or spilling some of them.
86. Move his parion walls in just a little, every day, until he can’t get through the entrance.
87. Take a screenshot of his computer desktop, and then set it as his background. His desktop will look useful, but none of the icons will actually work.
88. Take him to court. For serious matters, a court case can resolve things and even get you financial payback.
89. Pour his costly liquor down the drain or give it away to your buddies.
90. Sch seafood into his curtains or place it in the heat registers. The odor will swiftly become intolerable, but he will never be able to find it.
91. Pay back any cash you have a loan from him in pennies.
92. Turn his heat up as high as it goes, and paste the thermostat so it can’t be changed.
93. Place a tripwire at the base of a entrance with use of fishing line and two small nails.
94. Flaming dog poo on their entrance way.
95. Wedgies.
96. Put laxatives in his meal.
97. Send out a box filled with compost, a blade, and a fork as a euphemism.
98. Clean petroleum jelly on their doors.
99. Paint his cat or small dog in petroleum jelly; the pet will track it all over the place in his house.
100. Color his light-colored dog with the use of juice mix packets.

There are tons of ways to get even. But make sure to choose the right one that will suit this person best plus be more aware when applying some of these pranks not to commit any legal or lawful distractions such as damages on personal ets and such. Once you choose your prank make sure to prepare all the necessary things you need and from this you will then be able to determine whether revenge is sweet or not.

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