Psiphon 60 ( LATEST VERSION )

What's New in Psiphon v60
1. v60: Bug fix.
2. v59: Notification sound and vibration settings
3. v58: Bug fixes, adds sound and vibration to
notifications when connected and disconnected
4. v57: Performance enhancement and bug fixes
5. v56: Performance enhancement
6. v55: Some bug fixes in polipo
7. v54: Support for Turkish and Norwegian languages.
New version of polipo
8. v53: Fix Options tab
9. v52: New option to connect to the Psiphon network
through any open HTTP proxy that you specify
10. v51: Turn off "Masquerade as HTTP" option by

Direct Download Link.

Pakidelete na lng po ng Thread kung may na Violate ako ! XD Newbie lng po.


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