Good news! We just released an Android Version of txtmyt. No more Human verifications captcha! download it HERE.


We are currently using the modified PSIPHON software for computer, we called the new software PSIPHON CMD v2 and the latest update v3,

This tools run via CMD and not via psiphon original software.. we just gathered the pshipon dat for cloudfare connections..

You only need a working modem
Globe/Smart Broadband Stick
Android Phone As Modem
Symbian Phone As Modem (via PC Suite)
Then the software we modified..

For the complete tutorials/tweaks and download
just join Trickshare Facebook Group

As a proof i attached a screenshot about this matter using Nokia N97 s60v3 as modem and PSIPHON CMD v3 (manual conections up to 6 servers)
PSIPHON CMD v2 (auto connections up to 2 servers)

NOTE: we are not allowed anyone to post this anyware outside the group!!


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