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MP Rio Fun unlimited internal memory pasok!!

Para sa mga MP Rio fun
Sobrang baba ng internal memory.. Gawing nating unlimited yang cp nyu ...

Due to insufficient memory that has only 145 mb internal
storage there's a way to swap your internal memory
to sdcard and big thanks to the developer for sharing
this tricks. I will teach you how to expand your internal storage

Requirements:memory card 4gb and up

explorer.apk (mobile download)
Link2SD.apk (mobile download)

Step 1. Back up your phone first.

Proceed this link How to Create CWM Recovery (backup)

  Go to Recovery mode or  Reboot your phone Then hold on and off on,volume up and down
simultaneously Until recovery and factory mode appear Choose Recovery mode
SD CardChoose 1024 or 2048Swap size: 0Parion Type: ext4
Then Reboot your phone

Step 2: Install and  Open Link2SD apps
 pop up show (ext2,ext3,ext4, etc.) then choose ext4. Grant SuperSu(Mount Script Created etc.) should be appear. 
If not try to proceed step 1 again. If still not created, 
your mmc was the problem. It depends in your mmc 
and I suggest you to use  mmc with Cl 4 and up

Step 3: Install explorer  
Go to folder/data 
COPY this 5 folder


PASTE in data/sdext2 

 Step 4. Check all this 5 folder  click option LINK TO THIS FOLDER GO back to DATA or click the back on Click option CREATE LINK pop up show OVERWRITE click Yes
Do all this in 5 folder
(app,app-lib,app-private,dalvic cache,data)

Step 5: in data/sdext2  check the box of sdext2 change owner/ 

owner- 1000
group- 1000

Click OK

Then set permission of sdext2

 now Reboot!

 Enjoy you are now unli internal..



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