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Top 3 things you should know before having


Making love in a surprising manner makes it way more exciting than the planned one. But it is also important for us to know some facts first before engaging yourself into the intimate activity. We must be on the safe side, right? Here are the top 3 things you should remember before you say "just do it".

1. Your partner's relationship status. Of course honey, you should make sure the next morning you won't woke up facing a mad itching to slap you hard. We don't want complications, what we wanted that night is just an instant relief for the tensed nerves not a starter pack for a whole town's next subject for a rumor.

2. You should know how to use condoms. Or even have them in your pocket. uming that your partner knows how to use them, at least you did your part. HAHA

3. Know your partner's STI status. Whether you like it or not, I know how awkward it can be but babe, try to know because you should. ually Transmittable Infection or STI symptoms won't show in the first 4 hours of your hanging out. So within that span of time, you have to at least ask some questions or seek for hints.

So these are the things I find most important when you will have with someone especially if it's your first time with him/her. Always remember that a safe is a good . Enjoy it while you can!

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