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5 Amazing Things in Davao City


Davao City, the Land of Promise, has just ranked fourth as the safest city in the world. As Davao's own, I have witnessed different variety of happenings. Aside from the fact that Davao has an incredibly progressive growth in terms of economic condition and has entirely protected it's citizens from experiencing a high crime index, the land of promise also offers convenience for both city-type and nature-type people combining both features in every place.

There will always be those jaw-dropping experiences whenever you visit Davao, but here are most of the things that I know for sure will keep you coming back:

1. Kadayawan Festival. Davao's festivities have always been as colorful and dynamic as it can be. But the Kadayawan Festival which is tagged as the King of Festivals, has its own way of fascinating visitors, showcasing abundance and life. Indak-indak sa Kadalanan or the signature street dance is just one of the many highlights during the celebation.

2. Durian. Though some people are not so much of a durian fruit lover, many are still craving for it; not just the locals but also the visitors. Durian is one of the rarest fruits found in the Philippines which is abundant in Davao City. Well, aside of durian, Davao is also a remarkable source of mango, pomelo and mangosteen.

3. Tourist destinations. Davao is highly known for the marvelous places that surrounds it, especially the not-to-mention tourist vacation resort, Pearl Farm. Other wonderful places include the Mount Apo, with an elevation of 2,954 m, where mountain climbers and hikers always love to go to. Another is Monfort Bat cave, where you can witness a large colony of 2.3 million Rousette fruit bats dwelling on their sanctuary.

4. 911 Emergency response team. This is a project of the City Government to provide istance to their citizens who need emergency resources. It is only in Davao city that you can find this service. It is an accepted reason for us to be proud of this edge since crimes has been minimized in the presence of 911 emergency. Giving you that safe feeling while walking in the beautiful streets of Davao.

5. Clean Surroundings. It has been also declared that Davao city is one of the cleanest cities in the Philippines. Everybody would love to visit a clean and green city- where everywhere you point your lenses to is picture perfect!


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