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Why do people drink?

Drinking alcoholic beverages has been a part of human culture. It's has become a way of life, a customary practice and now is more of a standard than a trend. I know the fact that there are people who don't drink, but at least they have tried it.

Even if the parion of these types of drink has been a part of our tradition in socialization especially during special occasions, there are still people who celebrates everyday like it's their birthday when it comes to drinking - cheers!


Let us try to identify their reasons for drowning themselves with this bevy.

1. Drinking as a way of escape. We hear this reason from the brokenhearted, shattered and devastated people. They know drinking couldn't fix their life back, but at least when they get drunk they could either get to sleep, sing their feelings out loud or even let it out by the cliche drama lines they got from a movie.

2. Drinking to be brave. Since beverages with alcohol content or alcohol itself has neurological effects including slowed reflexes, drowsiness, lowered inhibitions and many others, the lowered inhibitions effect leads to impaired judgment, allowing you to do things which you don't usually do-- including acts of (stupid) bravery.

3. Habitual drinking. This is for the people who just feel like drinking. This is common to rural areas or countryside, where elder males look up to drinking alcohol as a reward for a day's hard work. It is their recreational activity (???) together with their colleagues as an outlet of their stress.

So these are three of the most common "identified: reasons why human creatures take drinking as an everyday routine to the extent of over consumption. Are you one of these types? If you are, maybe you would like to lessen it a bit.
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