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Ideal Age for Getting Married

You must have been thinking about settling down with someone you have for years now and you will hear people around you saying "aren't you too young?" or "you're getting old buddy, find someone to settle down with". A recent study conducted in the United States revealed that the perfect age to get married is on from 28-32.

Sociologists have conducted an ysis based on a survey from 2006 up to the latest survey in 2015 about family, including the marriage status. According to them, people ageing between 28 and 32 is not too old and not too young to understand the compatibility that they have with their partners, which means the age bracket is enough to be able to adjust to different situations in order to make a relationship work to which they say lessens the possibility of divorce. Moreover, people who are in the said ages are expected to be financially stable already, that makes them ready to take responsibilities and make important decisions in life.

However, a previous study have stated a not contrary but different result saying that people who ties the knot at the age of early 20s are the ones who appear to be highly satisfied with their marriage life. A report of a national survey on the said subject showed that couples who married at the age of 20 to late 20s have stronger marriage.

While some people are very interested to find out the "just right" age to settle down, there are still people who don't rely on statistics about such. The bottom line of marriage is your level of preparedness in sharing the rest of your life with your soulmate. Of course, as this is a serious matter, there are factors that we must consider before we fully decide if we should go or not.


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