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Mayor Duterte's Son Unacknowledged, Resigns from Local Political Party

DAVAO CITY Vice Mayor Paolo "Pulong" Duterte has announced yesterday that he will be cutting himself off from the local political party Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod, found by our dear Mayor and his own father, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte a couple of years ago.

The said announcement was made through a letter he sent to the secretary general lawyer of the political party, Jesus Melchor Quitain. As Paolo stated in the letter, "Unhappily, the current leadership of the Hugpong does not seem to recognize nor see the effort and determination that I have invested in the service of the Hugpong, thus I feel that the current leadership is intentionally turning a blind eye to my contribution to the cause"
He also added that "Although it is a great honor and privilege to be a member of the Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod Party, I am compelled to offer my resignation as a member, effective immediately".

The young Duterte's decision might have ed from a continuous endort of her sister Inday Sarah Duterte-Carpio to become the future mayor, made publicly by their father. Mayor Duterte also made it known to the public that Hugpong is considering a few names as the vice mayoralty bet and is even open to other interested members but unfortunately, the bets doesn't include young Duterte in it, which may have made the son realize he is not recognized in the said political party.

On September 21, the Mayor stated he would be forced to seek reelection if Sarah will still refuse to become his successor. On the other hand, Paolo, who has been expressing his intentions to seek for the position ever since, said in his letter "recent events have persuaded me to carefully examine the direction my political career is taking. Hence, my decision to resign from the Hugpong."
"I feel that my presence is unappreciated and unacknowledged and sometimes even unwelcome to the current leadership of the party. It is time to change the direction of my political career", the young Duterte erted.

But on a later news as his father reacted to the shocking event, he said “If Inday (Sara) continues to refuse the mayor’s post as she consistently does these days, then it follows that he (Paolo) will have to run for mayor,” the father cleared “That’s why I declared Hugpong’s vice mayor slot open", he told the reporters.
Even though Paolo has expressed his resignation, Mayor Duterte still remains to show that he believes and supports the councilors of the political group as he told the press "for I am fully aware that we, as a body, are tied not by a political party or personal motives, but by a common cause to serve our consuency".
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