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What if: Blames on De Lima was not true?


She's been really hard on denying the allegations thrown at her and it's been a fight for her. She's basically on a rough side on all of it since the people who accused her had a solid basis and clear evidence on her charades. There are even solid evidence about her involvement with Illegal drugs -- what if they're not true?

Philippines' Politics has been riddled with jokes and ridicule around the world and for them, it's like a circus you could watch for your entertainment. There were wild accusations and name slamming has been happening in the senate. And the worst part is the media is zeroing in on the things that serve the interest of the people, even the deepest secrets of people involved is being served to the public both for ridicule and just plain and simply humiliating people.

So, WHAT IF the allegations is not true? Philippines' stash has been loosing 1Million pesos every time there's a public hearing and it's being spent on electricity, media coverage, attorneys and the senate.

The main point of this article is for us to look at many angles and not to believe everything the media tells us and spend less time listening to trivial matters and focus on the POOR and CRIMINALITY still happening all around the Philippines.

Still, the what if ---- if it's true? I hope De Lima would rot in jail. A lot of people has suffered because of corrupt officials seated in our government. Open your eyes, and hope for truth always.

do you find this sarcastic ? :D


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