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Populism and it's effect in our daily lives.


Democracy in a way also have a disadvantage and a disease called Populism, it mainly gets people's common interest and what's
popular -- right... that's the root word of populism. It's commonly used in politics when a politician wins a seat through publicity stunts which spark interest for common people either on social media or even the local media itself.

How does it affect us? People in politics that are seated because of this mindset drives us away from the truth in our society and what it needs. The best example is Benigno Aquino, who was voted in Presidency and never really had real contributions in our country. Drugs are rampant, corruption in the government, and as a result-- people suffer. He became popular because of his late mother who died before the elections -- who in turn is just a dummy or the face of a real democracy after Marcos.

What good does it do? The best thing about Populism is for us to notice people that are REALLY making a huge impact on our society and has been there on the sidelines and doing their thing -- Duterte. Who would have known, he'll be the next President. He got elected because he became popular on remarkable things, some notable, some bad but he has been a real person through it all. We're starting to see now that policies and laws are being sharpened, emphasised and actualized like they should.

Let's stand by the truth, know what you need to know , be vigilant and understand. Populism, after all is somewhat like a gossip, we need more truths to it, and now thanks to social media we have it.


do you think Duterte is a product of POPULISM ?

-- me? I don't think so, we're getting smarter!



  • No Duterte is a product of desperate people needing desperate actions in our country.

    And except from late Madam Santiago, he's the realistic bad ass candidate and fit to be the president of the RPhils. not like other candidates which are still under the skirts of narco-corrupt politicians.

  • I heard about Duterte way before he decided to run for the seat. He is the exact opposite of the frivolous and pea brained past presidents the country had by far.

    Word had gotten out how he was adored by the people under his roof, so Why isn't that considered populism? Or are you saying the word only implies negative connotation whatsoever?

    If it's negative and that's what it takes to elect a good president, then keep it coming lol. :)

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