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Directly Transfer Data Contacts Photos Videos from ViVo to ViVo X9s/Plus

In the past has been rumors vivo X9s series may be equipped with a new Xiao Long 660 processor, but then appeared in the Ministry of Industry vivo X9s Plus still show Xiao Long 653 processor, perhaps means that the series of new machines in the processor configuration will be No progress. However, it seems that the story has been reversed, according to the latest test information GFXbench website published information, a model for the TD1608 new machine equipped with a 2.2GHz eight-core processor and integrated Adreno 512 GPU, so it will be The new Snapdragon 660 processor.

It is worth mentioning that, perhaps due to changes in the processor configuration, making the original appearance of X9s Plus in the Ministry of Industry and soon after being removed. At the same time the vivo TD1608 GFXbench was disclosed in the 500-megapixel front lens means that the front of the camera inside the X9s really will be changed, that is, from the past 20 million pixels +800 pixels combination, changed to 2000 Million pixels + 5 million pixels combination.

As for the other functional specifications of the vivo X9s, GFXbench published the information also shows that the machine pre-installed Android 7.1.1 system, with 4GB RAM +64 GB ROM storage portfolio, but with the display material is like vivo X9 Plus as OLED display is no exact message.

Are you also planning to get rid of your old ViVo phone to buy a new ViVo X9s/Plus? If so, you must be interested in how to transfer data from ViVo to ViVo X9s/Plus, right? Well, to transfer data from phone to phone, what you need is just the Phone to Phone Transfer tool.

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