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You know sarahah app is now viral in world wide....

What is sarahah (sarah) app

sarahah app is developed by company, main aim is send messages to anyone by anonymously it is developed by a saudi arabian and it is mainly developed for taking feedback from employee about a company tested in united emirates and Egypt countries.

Features Of Sarahah app

free messages : sarahah app provided that you can send any messages to anyone.
hide identity : sarahah app has a unique feature like you can hide your identity
free of cost : sarahah apk is available for free of cost which means no need to buy this app
links are not allowed : sarahah backdrop in this app sarahah app don't allow send weblinks to other persons
like and comment : in sarahah app you can like and comment on feedbacks
wonderful feature : sarahah app provides users to whether he/she want to reveal her/he identity. it's totally controlled on users hands.
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